• Bridge Bearing Test

    Bridge Bearing Test

    Tensile, compression and bending tests each according to accessories. Strength test – fatigue strength under fluctuating stresses with centric initial load / compression rupture test / lateral resistance test for the load, displacement or deformation control – depending on the level of attachments – in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic with a max. test frequency: 5 Hz on: Elastomer bearings, concrete cubes, concrete cylinders, plates

  • Calibration Testing Systems

    Calibration Testing Systems

    For the load, displacement or deformation control in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic on: Pressure cells Ø 40 / 65 mm x height 47 / 100 mm

  • E-Module Test

    E-Module Test

    Test fixtures for E-modulus measurements on concrete sample cylinders, concrete sample cubes, concrete drill cores, concrete beams, cement prisms, mortar prisms, screed prisms.

  • Glass Test

    Glass Test

    Determining the flexural strength of glass used in the building trade and the crushing resistance of glass (optional) on: single pane safety glass - ESG, partly toughened glass – TVG, compound glass - VSG

  • Insulator Test

    Insulator Test

    Tensile strength test on high-voltage insulators. Sturdy profile machine L-form frame. The work table has a machined surface with T-slots. The work table can be rotated by 4 x 90°. Built-in test cylinder with adjustable height.

  • Metal Test

    Metal Test

    Determining plastic deformation in the bending test, determing the behaviour of metallic material specimens under uniaxial compressive stress and optical assessement of weld joints after the specimen ruptures: metallic materials

  • Pin Extraction Test

    Pin Extraction Test

    Static / dynamic extraction trials (vertical / horizontal / diagonal) tubular piston cylinders each according to assembly and accessories: Plates with recessed pins or anchors

  • Pipe Test

    Pipe Test

    Vertex compression test with the full load testing without impact or blows on tubes and preformed parts made of concrete, steel fibre concrete and reinforced concrete.

  • Rail Test

    Rail Test

    Determining the flexural strength of rails on railway tracks.

  • Rock Test

    Rock Test

    Decades of experience in the rock testing field mean that FORM+TEST is a sought-after partner for geoscience. Our test solutions can determine typical geomechanical properties like uniaxial compressive strength and elasticity, or can simulate compression and temperature conditions on test specimens. Servohydraulic systems with high test loads are used in combination with the most exacting measuring technology. The interplay of the individual components plays a crucial role in the reliability of the results. This is a benefit, for example, to energy companies, mine operators and research facilities when they are investigating deposits.

  • Rope and Chain Test

    Rope and Chain Test

    Destructive rope testing includes investigations to determine the service life of wire and fibre ropes in a wide variety of applications. Form + Test Seidner & Co. GmbH offers bending machines, tensile testing machines and tensile-sleeper testing machines for standard tests.

  • Sleepers Test

    Sleepers Test

    Static calculation of the bending tensile strength on sleepers (s.above) taking into account the standard requirements on: concrete sleepers for track and points, prestressed concrete-monobloc sleepers, prestressed concrete sleepers for points and crossings, special forms

  • Thermomechanical Test

    Thermomechanical Test

    The determination of the material behaviour at creep-relevant temperatures is a basic requirement for safe design of high-temperature components. The temporally dependent deformation behaviour under constant thermal and mechanical load can only be determined by suitable long-term tests.

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