Test Methods

  • Abrasion Test

    Abrasion Test

    for testing concrete paving stones, concrete slabs, concrete kerb stones, natural stone paving stones, natural stone slabs

  • Bending Test

    Bending Test

    For standard-compliant flexural strength testing on cement prisms and mortar prisms, plaster prisms and plaster prisms, screed mortar and screed compounds, ceramic tiles and slabs, concrete roof tiles, clay roof tiles, refractory materials, concrete beams, concrete slabs, concrete curbstones, concrete paving stones, natural stone paving stones, natural stone slabs and boards

  • Compression Test

    Compression Test

    For standard-compliant compression strength testing of concrete cubes, concrete cylinders, concrete drill cores, natural stone samples, sand-lime bricks, masonry bricks, aerated concrete blocks and aerated concrete blocks, among others. Compression tests on building material samples: Cubes, concrete cylinders, brickwork, stones and elements made of unreinforced concrete or lightweight concrete, bricks, sand-lime bricks and elements, ceramic clinkers, cellular concrete blocks and hollow blocks.

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