Laboratory Instruments

  • Aggregates


    Compression tests on rock specimens for load, displacement or deformation control in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic on: cylindrical rock specimens of granite, basalt etc. In the ratio 2:1 with Ø 25,4 / 50,8 / 76,2 / 101,6 / 127 / 152,4 mm

  • Building repair work

    Building repair work

    For measuring moisture in cement-bonded and anhydrite-bonded building materials according to the "KRAFFT" system.

  • Cement Test

    Cement Test

    Testing the Consistency, Air Content Tester, Grout flow trough apparatus, Manufacturing Specimens, Setting times test for cement, mortar and gypsum, Shrinkage Measuring

  • Fresh Concrete Test

    Fresh Concrete Test

    Determining the consistency on fresh concrete, Air Content Tester, Mature Computer MC 900

  • Hardened concrete test

    Hardened concrete test

    Abrasion Test, Manufacture and Storage of Specimens for Strength Tests, Mature Computer MC 900

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