• Universal Testing Machines static

    Universal Testing Machines static

    Tensile, compression and bending tests depending on the accessories for force, displacement or deformation control - depending on the expansion stage - in the closed-loop control loop of the servo-hydraulics on materials

  • Universal Testing Machines - Dynamic

    Universal Testing Machines - Dynamic

    For demanding dynamic testing tasks in development / research and quality assurance

  • User Specific Systems

    User Specific Systems

    We can offer almost every type of  testing machine, even with  electromechanical drive. Here you find some examples. Simply contact us, together we will find a suitable solution for you.

  • Test Portals

    Test Portals

    For static and dynamic testing tasks. Depending on the application and customer requirements, these can be configured as a modular system or customer-specific solution. In this way, complete modular test benches can be designed from a single source.

  • Test Cylinders

    Test Cylinders

    Application depending on the application for static, dynamic material and component testing as individual test cylinders of the EPZ-D, EPZ-G, EPZ-H, EPZ-HT, EPZ-TH, EPZ-TP series or in combination with a test frame or test portal.

  • Compression Testing Machines

    Compression Testing Machines

    To determine the compressive strength of materials outside of building material testing, we offer standard machines or compression testing machines adapted to the application. Depending on the design, these can also be used for other tests or for multi-axial tests. Combined solutions or machines for press-fit or upsetting tests are also part of the product range. Depending on the application and degree of automation, simple machine controls or complex software-controlled controls are used.

  • Bending Testing Machines

    Bending Testing Machines

    The bending test or bending tensile test is a proven test method when it comes to the destructive testing of materials. Various types of bending tests are common in practice. They mainly differ in the sample storage and the number of load introductions. The resulting results are the bending force, deflection and stress-strain value of the material specimens. It is important to have a standard-compliant test setup in order to obtain reproducible results.

  • Horizontal Testing Machines

    Horizontal Testing Machines

    Horizontale Prüfung zur Ermittlung der Zugfestigkeit an Drahtseilen, Hochspannungsisolatoren, Bänder und Werkstoffproben mit großer Einspannlänge. Stabiler Säulen-Belastungsrahmen – horizontal gelagert. Säulen wahlweise vertikal oder horizontal angeordnet. Stufenlos verstellbares Querhaupt zur Aufnahme von Probenhaltern. Prüfzylinder mit elektronsicher Zugmessdose. Stable column load frame - horizontally mounted. Columns optionally arranged vertically or horizontally. Steplessly adjustable crosshead for holding specimen grips. Test cylinder with electronic tensile load cell

  • Torsion Test Machines

    Torsion Test Machines

    Single-axis torsion tests on materials, parts and components. Torsion axis is horizontal by default. Digital measuring and control electronics for highest performance with a high degree of reproducibility and accuracy.

  • System Components

    System Components

    Individual testing tasks can be performed using a broad range of individual components. Standardised products from a modular system are combined into new applications. This means they can be used for modular expansion, modernisation or customer-specific applications. We are happy to advise you on the configuration or combination or existing components. The aim is the optimum expansion stage with maximum productivity. FORM+TEST also develops specific, non-standardized adjustments.

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