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Decades of experience in the rock testing field mean that FORM+TEST is a sought-after partner for geoscience. Our test solutions can determine typical geomechanical properties like uniaxial compressive strength and elasticity, or can
simulate compression and temperature conditions on test specimens. Servohydraulic systems with high test loads are used in combination with the most exacting measuring technology. The interplay of the individual components plays a crucial role in the reliability of the results. This is a benefit, for example, to energy companies, mine operators and research facilities when they are investigating deposits.

  • Triaxial Test Systems

    Triaxial Test Systems

    For triaxial stress-strain experiments on cylindrical specimens: triaxial multistage tests to examine the post-failure reaction, stabilizing or intermittently increasing the surface pressure is possible. The rise in the axial tension takes the path of force or is expansion-controlled. For: cylindrical rock and soil cores with a length/diameter ratio of 2:1

  • Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 1-2000 S

    Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 1-2000 S

    especially suited for big specimens, as the hydraulically adjustable cross head allows an easy adjustment of test area height. Compression tests on building materials: concrete cubes and cylinders, wall elements, stones and elements made of unreinforced concrete or lightweight concrete, bricks, sand-lime bricks and elements, ceramic clinker bricks, aerated concrete blocks, hollow blocks.

  • Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 2-3000 S

    Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 2-3000 S

    Compression tests on rock specimens for load, displacement or deformation control in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic on: cylindrical rock specimens of granite, basalt etc. In the ratio 2:1 with Ø 25,4 / 50,8 / 76,2 / 101,6 / 127 / 152,4 mm

  • Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 1-2000

    Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 1-2000

    Compression testing machine for testing rock samples 4-column load frame with extremely high longitudinal and transverse stiffness to keep material expansion as low as possible during the first specimen break. For example, to determine rock mechanical parameters such as uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and shear strain.

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