Test Portals

For static and dynamic testing tasks. Depending on the application and customer requirements, these can be configured as a modular system or customer-specific solution. In this way, complete modular test benches can be designed from a single source. Solid and deformation-resistant clamping plates provide the basis.

Universal test benches are available in countless variants and expansion stages. The various test cylinder models are used as test axes depending on the respective performance requirements. In combination with a hydraulic unit or central hydraulics, various test axes can be used. 

  • Test Portal PP 200

    Test Portal PP 200

    Static / dynamic application for tensile, compression and bending tests (vertical / horizontal) each according to installation and level of accessories on: large building parts (joists, plates, sections) with various shapes and sizes

  • Test Frame PR 250

    Test Frame PR 250

    FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH offers a modular system for static and dynamic testing tasks, which is adapted to the applications and customer requirements. This means that complete modular test benches can be designed and supplied from a single source. Solid and rigid clamping plates offer the basics.

  • Test Portal PR 400

    Test Portal PR 400

    Test frame with a nominal load of 250 kN.Due to the height-adjustable, pivoted cross-head individual test-bench setups can be easily realized. The hydrostatic 250 kN test cylinder is fed by a super-silent hydraulic aggregate. Individual test sequences and operating load simulations can be generated by means of the multi-channel controller and the test software.

  • Test Frame PR 630 S

    Test Frame PR 630 S

    Static / dynamic extraction trials (vertical / horizontal / diagonal) tubular piston cylinders each according to assembly and accessories: Plates with recessed pins or anchors

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