System Components

Individual testing tasks can be performed using a broad range of individual components. Standardised products from a modular system are combined into new applications. This means they can be used for modular expansion, modernisation or customer-specific applications. We are happy to advise you on the configuration or combination or existing components. The aim is the optimum expansion stage with maximum productivity. FORM+TEST also develops specific, non-standardized adjustments.

  • Drive Stations

    Drive Stations

    For use with required pressure oil supply for hydraulic test systsems via a pump aggregate and for load, displacement or deformation controlling – each according to respective assembly in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic with smooth change-over during the course of testing

  • Control Stations

    Control Stations

    Control stations for force, displacement or deformation control in the closed control loop of servo hydraulics. Digital control system, for highest performance even at high test frequencies combined with a high degree of reproducibility and accuracy

  • Digital control systems

    Digital control systems

    Depending on the application and requirements, the different series of measuring and control systems for the testing machine are selected and configured. In combination with the test software PROTEUS we achieve a very wide range of standard tests and applications.

  • Pressure intensifiers DÜ

    Pressure intensifiers DÜ

    Used for hydraulically increasing the pressure of liquids. Producing a target pressure in the high pressure medium via the multiplication of the driving pressure with the respective underlying ratio of transmission. Media converter for separating two different media (e.g. different fluids).

  • Spherical plain bearing GL

    Spherical plain bearing GL

    For use according to respective application for the static and dynamic testing of materials and components in combination with individual test cylinders. Accurate alignment in the test axis when used with individual test cylinders. Excludes lateral forces on the piston rod. For mounting at top or bottom of the cylinder.

  • Hydraulic Aggregates

    Hydraulic Aggregates

    Configuration according to requirements and installation conditions, with flow rates of 5 - 1000 l/min at 210 or 280 bar as standard or according to your requirements.

  • Force Transducer

    Force Transducer

    For measuring static / dynamic tensile and presure loads combined with digital measuring electronics – each according to application and consructive conditions of the test frame and the electronics. Exact conversion of the physical force in electrical tension for use test machines.

  • Specimen Holders

    Specimen Holders

    Hydraulic Wedge-Type Clamping Heads, Hydraulic Parallel Grip Heads, Mechanic Wedge-Type Clamping Heads

  • Test Cylinders

    Test Cylinders

    Application depending on the application for static, dynamic material and component testing as individual test cylinders of the EPZ-D, EPZ-G, EPZ-H, EPZ-HT, EPZ-TH, EPZ-TP series or in combination with a test frame or test portal.

  • Software


    For test programming, test evaluation and test logging under Windows Graphical User Interface combined with a test system – measuring and control electronics DIGIMAXX® C-20 - PC.

  • Distribution Stations

    Distribution Stations

    To connect the consumer's hydraulic units to a hydraulic aggregate.

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