Creep Rupture Test

Creep rupture testing records the behaviour of materials under constant test loads and high temperatures over longer periods. Such tests are required because material behaviour can change under enduring static loads – sometimes over several years – and high heat. The challenge here is being able to maintain precise stable test parameters over days or years. Long-term characteristic values for high-temperature parts, such as power station components or aircraft turbine parts are usually detected using creep rupture testing. Characteristic values include the time until specimen fracture or the strain values from the specimen measurement.

  • Creep Rupture Testing Machine

    Creep Rupture Testing Machine

    The determination of the material behaviour at creep-relevant temperatures is basic. Prerequisite for the safe design of high-temperature components. The time-dependent deformation behavior under constant thermal and mechanical load can only be determined by suitable long-term tests.

  • Creep Rupture Testing Machine ZP 600

    Creep Rupture Testing Machine ZP 600

    Long-term tests under compressive load, material fatigue on components, measurement of constant deformation

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