New series of torsion test cylinders EPZ-TG / EPZ-TH

New series of torsion test cylinders EPZ-TG / EPZ-TH

FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH has developed 2 series of TORSIONSPRÜFZYLINDERN to extend the product range of system components for torsion loading. These drives are used for defined torsion loading of test specimens for static and dynamic material and component testing.

The units are characterised by maximum tracking accuracy with very finely adjustable torques and angles of rotation. In practice, they can be used as a single drive, or in combination with an angle block or as a combined "tension-torsion unit" with a single test cylinder. The only difference between the series is the type of bearing, which is a polymer bearing variant (TG) or a hydrostatic bearing variant (TH). Depending on the application and test frequency, an appropriate selection is made.

In combination with the corresponding accessories, torques in stepped sizes up to 32000 Nm are currently possible. Depending on the test setup and test task, in combination with the other test components such as the hydraulic power pack and the measurement and control electronics, it is thus possible to
DIGIMAXX ® modular complete test benches can be designed.


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