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FORM+TEST develops and produces material testing machines and test systems of high quality. More than 55 years' experience, extensive know-how and an ultra-modern production are the basic of our activity.

Our production potential includes compression testing machines, bending and flexure testing machines, tensile testing machines for more or less all materials and test requirements.

We can offer you low-maintenance, durable, practical  and user-friendly solutions. With our own service- and calibration laboratory we ensure the optimal utilization of your investments.

Innovation, precision, durability made in Germany by Form + Test

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  • Testing of Spring Characteristics of Rubber Elements

    Testing of Spring Characteristics of Rubber Elements

    To reduce noise emissions and vibrations in rail traffic, highly elastic intermediate layers and plates as well as special elastic track mats (USM) are used. The test setup for the determination of static and dynamic stiffness was compiled from the existing modular system of FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH and adapted to the application and customer requirements. The integration of a temperature chamber allows simulation conditions at - 40°C - +100°C.

  • Calibration of Force Sensors with Testing Machines of the EM Series

    Calibration of Force Sensors  with Testing Machines of the EM Series

    BROSA manufactures high-quality sensors for force measurement. To check these accuracies in the medium force range, the company repeatedly uses a test system from the development and production of Form + Test. This electromechanical universal testing machine of the EM series is used for continuous calibrations in the direction of tensile and compressive forces up to 400 kN (40 t) and achieves highly precise and repeatable accuracies (<0.25 %).

  • Testing Portal for Component Testing

    Testing Portal for Component Testing

    FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH offers a modular system for static and dynamic testing tasks. Truck trailers are fitted with chassis-related assemblies and components, all of which are subject to high quality standards. Driving stability, safety and maintenance-free operation are criteria to which the manufacturers' entire product range is exposed. Axle and suspension systems, as well as fifth wheel couplings for the individual vehicle types such as container transporters, tipper trucks and platforms are continuously checked on the test field in accordance with manufacturer-specific testing standards.

  • Pressure Testing of High-Strength Concrete and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

    Pressure Testing of High-Strength Concrete and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

    Ultra-high-strength concretes are increasingly being used in building and bridge construction. Such concretes are specially designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of strength and resistance to physical and chemical influences. FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH brings decades of experience and thousands of delivered compression testing machines for concrete testing to these developments.

  • Packaging Tests

    Packaging Tests

    There are numerous standards (EN / ASTM / DIN) which specify the testing of packaging to protect against transport damage. A renowned German automobile manufacturer approached us with a specification for an upsetting press. Its aim is to inspect the packaging used for transport to the individual plants and to optimise it.

  • Reference - dynamic universal testing machine - Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

    Reference - dynamic universal testing machine - Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

    This field report describes the new acquisition and the introduction to the dynamic universal testing machine UP 2000.

  • Innovativ, präzise und beständig

    Innovativ, präzise und beständig - Zu Gast bei Form + Test am 03.08.2017

    Der Schwäbische Türöffner ermöglichte einen Blick in das Unternehmen am Do. 03.08.2017. Riedlingen (mbu) - Die Leser der Schwäbischen Zeitung waren eingeladen, hinter die Kulissen von Form + Test zu blicken. Das Riedlinger Unternehmen entwickelt und produziert Materialprüfmaschinen und Prüfsysteme. Die Leser erfuhren, wie ein deutsches Unternehmen mit Know How, einer modernen Produktion und der Devise „Made in Germany“ am Weltmarkt erfolgreich ist. Fotos: Marion Buck

  • Cooperation between SRH University and FORM + TEST

    Cooperation between SRH University and FORM + TEST

    Riedlingen, 24.05.2017 – Mit der SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University und dem Maschinenbauunternehmen FORM+TEST Seidner & Co. GmbH realisieren zukünftig zwei deutschland- und europaweit aktive Institutionen gemeinsame Projekte in Lehre und Forschung.

  • Dynamic Servo-Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Machine

    Dynamic Servo-Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Machine

    Sto SE & Co. KGaA is one of the major international manufacturers of coating products and systems for buildings. In 2015 the group turnover was about 1,216.6 millions of Euro. The company is a leader in the area of thermal insulation composite systems. Sto’s core product range moreover includes high-quality façade elements as well as plasters, renders and paints which are available for exterior and interior use. Further priorities are concrete restoration, floor coating, acoustic and façade systems.

  • Visitor Day on 02.12.2016

    Visitor Day on 02.12.2016

    Form und Test Prüfsysteme bieten am Besuchertag Technik zum Anfassen Riedlingen sz Bei laufendem Betrieb haben Besucher einen Einblick in die Produktion der Riedlinger Firma Form und Test gewinnen können. Präsentiert worden ist der Öffentlichkeit alles vom Büro der Buchhaltung bis zu den großen Maschinen und den modernen Automatisierunganlagen. Seit über 55 Jahren werden unmittelbar vor den Toren der Innenstadt Prüfmaschinen entwickelt und produziert.

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