Bending Test Machine DELTA 5-200 S

for tests on steel fibre concrete and the like

  • bending test frame with 4 columns 
  • testing cylinder mounted above in the  strenghtened cross head
  • force measurement by means of an electronic load cell for tensile and compression tests which is insensitive to shear forces

A digital hand wheel is used in order to arrange the specimens in an optimal way and to position the displacement transducers precisely. Herewith the testing cylinder can be easily brought in every position - independent of the hydraulic control.

Biegeprüfmaschine DELTA 5-200 S 
Biegeprüfmaschine DELTA 5-200 S

The short response times which are necessary for the precise and reproducible measured values are realized by a special servovalve which is reacting particularly fast. 

The highly developed digital controller DIGIMAXX arranges for the sufficient test frequency for the recording and storage of the measured values.

Special softwares are available for the issue and evaluation of test records acc. to DBV-data sheet, DAfStb-Directive, EN 14651.

Also suitable for tests on sprayed concrete acc. to EN 14488-2 - compressive strength, EN 14488-3 flexural strengths (first peak, ultimate and residual), EN 14488-4 - bond strength and EN 14488-5 - energy absorption.

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