Rotating bend testing on wire material with the UPBD 1000-8

hen highly stressed spring elements are undergoing dynamic loading, the corresponding fatigue strength of the material must be known for a safe design.

During the fabricating processes of the primary material starting with production of wire, and later on the springs are produced therefrom, which e.g. are used in the automotive industry. The difficulty now lies in the evaluation of the material behavior due to the resulting cold work. So, to indicate the quality along the complete process, the material must be tested middling, e.g. as a wire.

UPBD 1000-8 - for testing highly stressed spring elements 
UPBD 1000-8 - for testing highly stressed spring elements

he strength of the spring steel must be very high in order to prevent plastic deformation of the springs. The fatigue strength analysis therefore requires testing techniques tailor-made to the application, which ensures reliable results. Due to the requirement of the regular quality assurance test and the high number of tests, this must be both fast and cost-effective.

This is achieved by the UPBD rotating bend machine with up to

8 test stations for the simultaneous testing of wires with diameters between 1 mm and 10 mm with maximum bending stresses of 1000 MPa achieved. Due to the circumferential bending load at high speeds up to > 4000 rpm, a large number of cycles are achieved in a short time.

 Thus, the UPBD represents an efficient test solution and is essential in serial production. Several national and international customers already rely on our solution.



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  • Umlaufbiegeprüfmaschine UPBD 1000-8

    Umlaufbiegeprüfmaschine UPBD 1000-8

    Biegung des gesamten Prüflings zu einem Kreisbogen entsprechend der vorgegebenen konstanten Biegespannung und in Kombination einer Drehachse und eines Gegenlagers, so dass eine umlaufende Biegung im Prüfling während der Prüfung entsteht. Enwickelt in Kooperation mit der Technischen Universität Ilmenau FG Maschinenelemente

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