Electronic Strain Transducer LD-DD1-2


  • for measuring the mean longitudinal deformation at two opposing surface lines of concrete prisms or cylinders
  • suitable for the determination of the elasticity module acc. to DIN 1048 on concrete cylinders, drilling cores and prisms
  • with case and connecting cable


    Functional Description 
  • prepare the strain transducer by attaching the connecting rods corresponding to the specimen to be tested
  • the dimensions of the specimen (length of the edge resp. diameter) as well as the measuring length L0 can be adjusted by means of the scale at the connecting rods
  • then the strain transducer is clamped at the specimen. The design of the strain transducer permits to clamp it at  and remove it of even if the specimen is already placed in the testing machine
  • when the strain transducer is exactly aligned, the stop levers are swivelled out so that the measuring tongues are free
  • make the zero balance at the electronic system and load the specimen acc. to the respective standard
  • to avoid any damaging the specimen must not be loaded up to its fracture if the strain transducers are clamped at it.
LD-DD-1-2 für Zylinder 
LD-DD-1-2 für Zylinder
LD-DD-1-2 Electronic Strain Transducer for Prism 
LD-DD-1-2 Electronic Strain Transducer for Prism


  • set of rods (= 2 pcs)
  • meas. amplifier MV 5017
  • meas. amplifier MV 5017
  • meas. amplifier DMAX 20-2.2
ProteusMT - E-Modul Testing 
ProteusMT - E-Modul Testing

Equipment for Transversal and Longitudinal Extension Measuring LD-GTX-2


  • 2 LVDT-displacement sensors GTX-500 with pressure spring
  • 2 measuring amplifiers - S7 / PV 5031
  • module for average value (A, B (A+B):2) – ME 5035
  • magnetic support for positioning between the pressure plates
  • 19“-additional rack – RC 5200, 3HE

Equipment for Measuring and Regulating Extension


  • to determine the mean longitudinal and / or transversal deformation on  cylinders with * 85 bis 150 mm


  • 3 magnet stands to hold the displacement sensors  (3 x 120°)
  • 3 displacement sensors (2) GTX
  • 3 measuring amplifiers S7 / PV 5031 7TE
  • range switch US 5020 6TE
  • module for average value ME 5036 6TE

Preparation of Test

  1. arrange the specimen centrically on the lower pressure plate
  2. extend the piston up to  force closure
  3. insert the magnet stands and install the displacement sensors
  4. make the zero balance via the electronic system and start the test


  • measuring ring  to hold the displacement sensors (3 x 120°)
  • 3 displacement sensors (Q) GTX

Preparation of Test

  1. arrange the specimen and the measuring ring centrically on the lower pressure plate
  2. clamp the measuring ring to the specimen by means of 3 knurled scews. There are spring elements in the knurled screws which allow an extension of the specimen in all directions
  3. install the displacement sensors


  • 3 magnet stands and  1 measuring ring
  • 6 displacement sensors (2) +(Q) GTX
  • 6 measuring amplifiers S7 / PV 5031 7TE
  • 2 range switches US 5020 6TE
  • 2 modules for average value ME 5036 6TE

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