Cylinder-/Drilling Core Grinding Machine PSM 4

Machine description

Surface grinding machine with height adjustable grinding table.
The grinding table can be adjusted in height by means of a hand wheel by a lifting element.The machine drive and the cup wheel are placed in the swivel arm. The exact guidance and the smooth operation of the swivel arm is reached by a special bearing. The supply of cooling water is effected centrally through the  hollow shaft of the grinding spindle.Thus, the total water quantity is used for cooling the segments. The grinding wheel cover with brush wiper avoids strong fogging of the cooling water.


The entire working chamber is surrounded by a splash guard. A plexiglass inspection window, which can be removed in the front, facilitates the placing of the specimens.

Technical data:

  • diamond grinding wheel Ø 130 mm
  • grinding range 85 x 85 mm resp.
  • grinding range Ø 110 mm
  • swivel range r = 265 mm
  • plane parallelism über 75 mm 0,05 mm
  • clamping height max. 100 mm
  • clamping height min. 40 mm
  • height adjustment of the grinding table  per revolution 0,4 mm
  • Art.No. P0401

A C C E S S O R Y :

Clamping tool

for cylinders / drilling cores Ø 40 ... 100 mm, height 40 ... 100 mm

Swivelling by 180°, for grinding both surfaces the cylinder must be clamped only once. After having ground the first surface a bolt at the clamping tool has to be loosened, the cylinder is swivelled by 180° as far as it will go, then the bolt must be locked again, in order that the second surface could be ground. 

Art.No. P 0405

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