Testing of Spring Characteristics of Rubber Elements

To reduce noise emissions and vibrations in rail traffic, highly elastic intermediate layers and plates as well as special elastic track mats (USM) are used.

These are elastomer products made of high-quality, microcellular EPDM synthetic rubber or natural rubber, which are used as protective measures. Highly elastic intermediate plates made of microcellular EPDM contribute greatly to minimizing structure-borne noise caused by track vibrations or to reducing loads on the track superstructure - which protects the overall superstructure system and thus greatly reduces maintenance and repair costs for customers.

With regard to the development activities as well as the quality control of these products, different standard tests are applied, which ensure the constant properties of the mats. The universal testing machine of the UP series measures quasi-static compression curves or spring characteristics of the rubber elements. In addition, the dynamic stiffness or the dynamic subgrade reaction modulus can be determined in accordance with DIN 45673-5 / DIN 45673-7 / DIN EN 13146-9.

The sample is placed centrally between the pressure plates and excited with frequencies up to 30 Hz.

UP 160 HK-2DH - For testing spring characteristics of rubber elements 
UP 160 HK-2DH - For testing spring characteristics of rubber elements

The test setup for the determination of static and dynamic stiffness was compiled from the existing modular system of FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH and adapted to the application and customer requirements. The integration of a temperature chamber allows simulation conditions at - 40°C - +100°C.

For deformation measurement, high-precision displacement sensors are used in combination with high-resolution measuring and control electronics. The tests are controlled via the user interface of the test software, which contains an individual module adapted to the application for standard specific evaluation.



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  • Universal Testing Machine UP 160 HK-2DH

    Universal Testing Machine UP 160 HK-2DH

    Testing machine for the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, rail vehicles and medical technology industries dynamic tensile, compression, bending and torsion tests, fatigue strength tests, cyclic tests, follow-up tests

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