Rock testing

Rock testing

Decades of experience in the rock testing field mean that FORM+TEST is a sought-after partner for geoscience. Our test solutions can determine typical geomechanical properties like uniaxial compressive strength and elasticity, or can simulate compression and temperature conditions on test specimens. Servohydraulic systems with high test loads are used in combination with the most exacting measuring technology. The interplay of the individual components plays a crucial role in the reliability of the results. This is a benefit, for example, to energy companies, mine operators and research facilities when they are investigating deposits.

Form + Test was selected by public tender for the delivery of a test system for rock mechanical parameters to a renowned Croatian university.

The 4-columns load frame is very torsion-resistant and is equipped with a hydraulic test cylinder with minimal friction. The force measurement is effected by an electronic load cell. A sound-insulated hydraulic aggregate with air cooler and demand-oriented supply allows an energy-efficient and low-noise operation. A pressure intensifier supplies the triaxial cell with a high pressure of 1000 bar. The new generation of the high-resolution digital controller DIGIMAXX C30 is applied for controlling the measuring and control procedures in master/slave mode.

The tests are controlled via user interface of the test software “PROTEUS MT”. Several handling systems allow an easy positioning of the specimens.
The complete measurement equipment incl. an ultrasonic test instrument was part of the delivery.


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