Pressure Testing of High-Strength Concrete and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

Ultra-high-strength concretes are increasingly being used in building and bridge construction. Such concretes are specially designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of strength and resistance to physical and chemical influences. High-strength concretes are used above all for components subject to high pressure or bending stresses. Their compressive strengths are > 115 MPa. If pressure tests are carried out on cylinders and cubes after 28 days, the design of the maximum test loads on previous compression testing machines is often no longer sufficient. In addition, low plastic deformation and elongation at break require special adaptations to protect the plant and the machine operator from explosive fractures.

FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH brings decades of experience and thousands of delivered compression testing machines for concrete testing to these developments. With our test solutions especially for this area, typical parameters such as compressive strength and modulus of elasticity can be determined according to the current European and international standard standards.

Servo-hydraulic systems with high test loads in combination with the most demanding measuring technology are used. The interaction of the individual components makes a decisive contribution to the reliability of the results. Our customers benefit from this in quality monitoring due to the precise and reproducible test results.

ALPHA 1-8000 
ALPHA 1-8000
ALPHA 1-10000 
ALPHA 1-10000

Both machines are shown without protective device

The 4-column load frames of the ALPHA 1 series are very torsionally rigid and equipped with a low-friction hydraulic test cylinder. The force measurement is carried out via an electronic transducer. The new generation of the high-resolution digital controller DIGIMAXX is used to control the measuring and control processes. The tests are controlled via the user interface of the "PROTEUS MT" test software, which contains an evaluation of the standard tests according to EN 12390-3, EN 12504-1 and EN 206. Various handling systems enable simple sample installation and feeding into the test chamber.



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